Red Raspberry Leaf Tea

People around the world are starting to care more and more about their health. For some, this means exercising more and cutting down on high calorie fatty foods. For others, it means increasing their vitamins. One of the most popular additions to a healthy diet is the replacement of that morning cup of coffee with something less aggressive, such as herbal or fruit teas. Tea provides the small amount of caffeine that many people crave early in the morning, while also serving as a vehicle for anti-oxidants and other valuable nutrients that coffee does not. Served cold, herbal teas are a great substitute for sugary carbonated sodas. If you aren’t used to drinking tea, but would like to start, you should consider starting with something mild, sweet, and flavorful, such as red raspberry leaf tea.

Red raspberry leaf tea is a tea made from the leaves of the red raspberry plant, and often infused with the fruit itself. The leaves are dried, then boiled in water, creating a light and flavorful liquid. The taste of the tea is mild, but flavorful, and similar to the red raspberry fruit in many respects. When served cold, the tea is slightly bitter- when warm, it’s spicy and aromatic. Like many green and herbal teas, raspberry leaf tea is rich in anti-oxidants and can be a great addition to a healthy diet. Use it in the morning to replace coffee, as a replacement for soft drinks, or just as a soothing way to fall asleep at night. This tea should be taken with sugar or honey- milk is not advised. By it’s nature, the raspberry plant is slightly acidic. Adding milk to an acidic tea can result in curdling. A wedge of lemon can be a great accent to a cup of red raspberry leaf tea as well.

red raspberry tea

While it used to be rather difficult to find anything but plain black ice tea, today it’s much easier to get your hands on more exotic blends. If you’re in the market for red raspberry leaf tea, you’ll probably be able to find it at your local super market. Large tea companies such as Lipton have introduced many varieties of herbal and fruit tea, and raspberry is a very popular flavor. If you’re more in the mood for loose leaf or organic teas, you may have to look a little harder. Specialty tea shops are a fairly safe bet for finding raspberry leaf tea, and some organic markets carry varieties of it as well. If you are located in a place without such stores, you can always try the internet. You can buy tea by the bag, box, case, or jar from many reputable sites on line and have it shipped for very little, as tea is generally fairly light weight and hard to damage. So if you’ve decided to add tea to your diet for any reason, red raspberry leaf tea is a great place to start- it’s flavorful, light, healthy, and generally very affordable. Try it hot in them mornings, or serve it in the afternoons over ice for a refreshing treat.