Mulberry Leaf Tea

The mulberry plant has been used for medicinal purposes since ancient times. There are many benefits of the mulberry plant, largely rooted around its benefit of lowering blood sugar levels. Thus, it benefits in the prevention and control of diabetes. It is not just the berry itself that is beneficial to the body, but also the leaves. The leaves can be crushed and used in teas. Mulberry leaf tea offers the same medicinal type benefits that were discovered in ancient times.

mulberry leaf tea

Mulberry leaf tea is a great choice for people who don’t normally drink tea. It is favored for its slightly sweet and fruity flavor. The flavor is not very strong, so it appeals to even the most sensitive palates. The mulberry leaf is thicker than the leaves used in green tea, so a longer brewing time is suggested when making this tea. This tea is caffeine free, and would make a perfect after dinner drink, to be able to sit and enjoy. The mulberry tree itself can grow very large. Its height can grow upwards of about 60ft. During the spring and summer growing season, it grows rapidly and blooms with beautiful white flowers and red berries. These along with the leaves can be used for medicinal teas. Mulberry leaf tea, and other extracts from the mulberry tree are full of antioxidants to help the body. Health benefits of the tea include, but are not limited to: the prevention and control of diabetes, weight loss, improves cardiovascular health, boosts immunity, and it lowers your bad cholesterol levels. The mulberry components that help with blood sugar levels are due to its ability to block the absorption of carbohydrates in the digestive tract. This in turn, slows the absorption of sugars into the blood stream. Less sugar in the blood stream, means less sugar blocking the arteries, and therefore better blood flow, and a healthier heart. It is even believed that mulberry may also be useful in fighting bacterial infections. The mulberry leaf is also used in China by nursing mothers. It is also used in China as an external beauty care regimen when used as an oil. Even if you are a non-believer in alternative medicines like the traditional Chinese remedies, the mulberry extracts have proven themselves over time, and in modern day scientific research.

Mulberry leaf tea has shown itself to be a wonderful health boosting tea. It has a taste and aroma that is pleasing to even the most discerning palate. The tea can be made straight from the leaf, in a tea bag, as a concentrated liquid. Mulberry is great for blocking unwanted health ailments, and boosting good health attributes. Though we don’t tend to harvest and eat the mulberry in the raw, it is an abundant source for tea, oil, and other traditional homeopathic remedies. The mulberry plant has shown to be a great treasure among alternative medicine and nutrition. Mulberry leaf tea is of great benefit to the body in so many ways. Mulberry leaf tea should be a part of every diet.